Panasonic Toughbook H2 Tablet

Panasonic Toughbook H2 Tablet
Panasonic Toughbook H2 Tablet

The New Panasonic Toughbook CF-H2 Field Tablet Sets New Standards In Ease Of Use, Connectivity And Productivity For Field Workers. It is available this month for about $2,400. [TechCrunch]

Bracknell, UK. July 12, 2011 – Panasonic today launches the Toughbook CF-H2, its second generation, fully rugged tablet PC designed specifically for field workers. Setting new standards in ease of use, connectivity and productivity, the CF-H2 is the ultimate tool for mobile and field workers helping them to stay productive, even in harsh environments, by delivering constant access to their applications and business data. The lightweight, yet fully rugged tablet is ideal for field workers in utilities, logistics, automotive workshops, rail and aviation as well as sales personnel, retail point of sales and market research.

With the latest Intel® Core i5-2557M (1.7GHz) Ultra Low Voltage processor with vPro and the Intel® HD 3000 graphics for enhanced multimedia capabilities, the Toughbook CF-H2 performance has been improved more than 400%*over its CF-H1 predecessor. The CF-H2 is ideal for power hungry field applications such as GIS, mobile CAD and powerful diagnostic tools. RAM has also been raised to 2 gigabyte as standard, with up to 8 gigabyte optional, and it comes with a 160 gigabyte hard disk drive as standard with 128 gigabyte SSD as an option.

Ergonomically designed for field workers
The CF-H2 is designed for mobile workers who need to multi-task whilst holding the device in one hand. Lightweight rugged design (approx. 1.58kg**), with an easy-to-grab handle, the fanless device maintains a low surface temperature using its unique heat dissipation system and is available as a dual touch (digitizer and touchscreen) model.

The best screen visibility on the market
The CF-H2 always ensures the screen delivers just the right level of brightness for optimum viewing whatever the conditions, inside or out. To achieve premium visibility the CF-H2 uses a 10.1” display with Panasonic Transflective Plus technology. This operating mode helps to reduce power consumption and enhance battery life as no backlight is required in bright environments. This results in a massive enhancement of up to 6,000nit equivalent of transflective brightness under a 200K lx environment. The CF-H2 also incorporates a circular polarizer to reduce reflection.

Functionality to fit every purpose
For maximum productivity at the point of work, field workers need to perform a wide range of tasks. The CF-H2 is ideally suited. Optional barcode readers are available to assist with data capture requirements.

For taking photos in the field, the CF-H2 Field features an optional auto focus, 2.0 megapixel camera with one high brightness LED light.

Interfaces are often required by field workers to connect devices and peripherals to record information or for diagnostic purposes. The CF-H2 is perfectly positioned to fulfill this requirement with a USB 2.0, LAN and serial port (optional 2nd USB2.0 port in lieu of LAN port) available directly integrated into the device.

The CF-H2 also has all the options covered to ensure data is secure in the field. Quick user authentication can be achieved using the optional fingerprint reader for enhanced security. There is an optional contactless smartcard / RFID reader, which is compliant with ISO 14443 type A and type B, or an integrated, contact smartcard reader covered and sealed with its own latch for maximum protection and security.

Built to stay connected on the move
Ensuring mobile workers can always stay in touch when on the move, the Toughbook CF-H2 offers WLAN, 3G (optional), Bluetooth and GPS (optional) for navigation and job scheduling. To improve data transfer capability, the Ericsson F5521gw HSPA+ module with wireless ready connection manager can be integrated as an option, significantly increasing download speeds up to 21Mbps. Available upon request, the device can also be switched into Anti-Theft-Protection mode by utilizing the latest Intel® ATP technology.

The power to last
To ensure that field workers have a device that can work for as long as they do, even when access to power is lost, the CF-H2 can operate for up to 6.5 hours (MobileMarkTM 2007, 60nit) running on Windows® 7 by using the hot swappable, high-capacity twin-batteries developed internally by the Panasonic battery division. The CF-H2 charges its 2 batteries at the same time, in a rapid parallel mode, for quicker charge times (approx 3 hours).

All units also utilize the Panasonic Power Management Utilities technology to maximize power efficiency by managing the power of all relevant resources required by the CPU depending on each task or by definition of individual user profiles.

Improved system start-up
To maximise the efficiency of the field workers, the CF-H2 also includes Panasonic’s Quick Boot Manager which can reduce the boot-up time of the device down to approximately 15 seconds***.

Better than ever reliability and durability
With magnesium alloy casing, inside, and Panasonic’s anti-scratch coating, the CF-H2 remains one of the toughest rugged tablets available in the market.

With an HDD damping and rugged casing systems to optimise drop protection and an HDD heater and Panasonic’s foam packing system to provide optimum ingress protection, the CF-H2 can operate in some of the harshest environments.

“This next generation Toughbook CF-H2 is the ultimate rugged tablet for the field workforce,” said Stephen Yeo, Panasonic Toughbook European Marketing Director. “Listening closely to our existing customers, we have built a second generation device that is more powerful, easier to use and with more functionality than comparable devices on the market whilst maintaining all the reliability of the Toughbook brand.”

New CF-H2 Health model
Alongside the CF-H2 Field model, Panasonic will also introduce the CF-H2 Health model, with full details to be announced shortly. The CF-H2 Health will include the same major power, ease of use and functionality improvements as the CF-H2 Field whilst maintaining its important health industry features. These features include being tested and certified to hospital cleaning standards, allowing the device to be wiped down and cleaned by different disinfectant fluids and cloths****, as well as providing a secure and intuitive platform for barcode medication administration (BCMA), vitals capture and electronic medical records (EMR) capture and review – all at the point of care.

Compatibility that counts
To ensure existing customers can continue to use existing peripheral equipment, the new CF-H2 is compatible with many of the CF-H1 peripherals in order to provide long-term product lifecycle stability.

Backed by outstanding service
Every Toughbook comes with a 3-year warranty covering hardware failures for systems used as designed; with a 96-hour repair commitment and 5-year spare parts availability.

Availability and pricing
The CF-H2 range is available from July 2011, starting at €2119 MSRP (excluding vat).

* PC Mark 2005
** Depending on configuration
*** Factory operating system image with user specific Quick Boot settings, SSD model
**** Disinfection list provided on request

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