Add long description to MBO’s with the Integration Framework

When you start playing around with the MEA or MIF and you come to a point where there are some extra fields that you want to populate aren’t provided in the persistent fields of the MBO, you must look into the non-persistent fields.  Here is an example of including the long descriptions using a non-persistent field:

Go To Integration -> Object Structures

Click Select Action -> Exclude/Include Fields

On the Persistent Fields tab, exclude HASLD
On the Non-Persistent Fields tab, include DESCRIPTION_LONGDESCRIPTION

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11 thoughts on “Add long description to MBO’s with the Integration Framework

  1. Hi,
    I have a problem with attribute FCPROJECTID on the workorder application, it’s a non-persistent attribute but I need it to create a report with BIRT to have for each Project, all costs associate with it.

    Could help me with that?


  2. No error, I just cannot see any non-persistent attribute when I create my sql request, I have error “Invalid column name ‘fcprojectid'”
    I tried to create a new persistent attribute and linked it to FINCNTRL object via a TABLE DOMAIN but i have this error “BMXAA4107E – You have encountered an implementation or customization problem. Please contact your system administrator to report this error. The system does not know which attribute (s) of WORKORDER object corresponding to the attributes ORGID, FINCNTRLID of object FINCNTRL. This information should be provided in MAXLOOKUPMAP table or in the field validation class of WORKORDER.AIM_FCPROJECTID.”
    What ca I do?


    1. After you make any changes to an integration object, you have to “Generate Schema/View XML” so that the changes have taken affect. If you are using interface tables, you must drop the existing one and recreate the table through the External Systems

    1. Did you check to make sure you don’t have any duplicate alias? It’s under “Add/Modify Alias”. Make sure you don’t have check boxes checked under the DUPLICATE? column. If so, change the ALIASNAME to something else.

  3. Howdy Chon,

    We’ve met at Pulse and I’m still in contact with Bill Fahey. I hope you’re doing well. A question on your assignment mgr is if it uses MBO?


  4. Hello, I want to hide some persistent fields from my object structure but I am not able to do it. I’m working on a user defined object structure (for PO, POLINE, POCOST and POTERM), however when I click on the action “Exclude/Include Fields” there are no persistent fields displayed in the pop-up window under the “Persistent Fields” tab, I only get to see the Non-persistent ones. Is there an action I need to do in order to see displayed these fields so I can exclude some of them?. Thank you in advance.

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