Add Failure Reporting to Work Order through MIF

Forum member Madd0g17 has posted a solution to setup an object structure that will allow you to add failure codes to a work order through the Maximo Integration Framework.  Here is his solution:

You can either adapt the MXWO object structure or duplicate it and give it whatever name you want (mine was called XMSWO), then you need to do the following:

1. Navigate to: Go To -> Integration -> Object Structures

2. Select the appropriate work order object structure

3. Select Action -> Exclude/Include Fields

4. On the Persistent Fields tab, make sure you do NOT exclude FAILURECLASS and PROBLEMCODE

5. On the Non-Persistent Fields tab, make sure to INCLUDE two fields: FR1CODE and FR2CODE



Cause = FR1CODE

Remedy = FR2CODE

Then you can just send in an integration message and include the fields with the appropriate values!

Thanks Madd0g17!

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