Setup FailureCode inbound integration object

This guide will help those of you who have a lot of failure codes and list to import and don’t want to do it by hand.  I don’t know why IBM didn’t have an integration object setup out of the box, but here is the guide to setting up FailureCode inbound integration object.  This is for Maximo 6, but if you have played around enough with MIF, this should be a walk in the park for you guys… [IBM Support]

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5 thoughts on “Setup FailureCode inbound integration object

  1. Chon,

    I solved my problem with importing external data (Assets and Locations) with MIF; I had to uncomment 2 x ‘MEA MDB’ in the ejb-jar.xml file as I’m using Maximo

    Thanks for the link to IBM’s Maximo 6 ‘How to set up FailureCode inbound integration object’. Almost a “walk in the park” for Maximo 7…

    I created MXFAIL, MXFAILInterface, IFACEFAIL, included/enabled MXFAILInterface in External Systems.

    Qs: Under Integration>Object Structures, outbound definition calss and inbound processing calss were empty, so I tried to set ‘’ and ‘’ respectively, being completely unsure that these are correct and/or required!!!

    I used the following SQLs:

    insert into ifacefail (failurecode,description,orgid,transid,transseq) values (‘PUMPS’,Pump Failures’,’KOA’,2,1);

    insert into mxin_inter_trans (transid,extsysname,ifacename) values (2,’EXTIMPORT’,’MXFAILInterface’);

    I checked:

    select count(*) from mxin_inter_trans;

    and when it became 0, I looked for the imported results…

    I did not find any…

    Assets and Locations are importing ok, but Failure Codes are not…

    If you would like to look in on my problem, I can setup TeamViewer 5 and give you my password and we could use Skype to ‘talk’. Please suggest a time window on Mon 03-May-10 that is suitable for you. I am on GMT+3hrs (in Cyprus).

    Thnaks in advance,

    Michael Smithson
    Projects Consultant
    Skype michael-j-smithson

  2. Hi

    Michael did you ever get a solution on loading the Failure Codes via the integration framework

    I am currently looking at finding a solution on how to do this.

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