Maximo Integration Framework not working in verson

If you installed the fixpack and tried to run the integration framework without any success, try enabling it. The problem we were having is that a message was being recieved but was never processed and no errors ever occured. This is because the new fix pack made changes to the ejb-jar.xml file. For some reason IBM thought it would be nice to comment out the processing section. So you must uncomment the ‘MEA MDB’ sections of the ejb-jar.xml file. For more infomation go here.

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5 thoughts on “Maximo Integration Framework not working in verson

  1. Is this problem fixed in the reason i am asking because I tried to do follow the following steps to do Import data with MIF from:
    when i get to the part for:

    “The next step is to define an interface table. This is the table that will hold all of our import data that will eventually end up in Maximo. Go to Integration -> Enterprise Services, search for MXASSETInterface and specify the Interface table name. It can be anything you want. This table will be created in the database. Let’s name it IFACEASSET. Save.”

    I am not able to SAVE here, also when I go to

    “Now we need to create and define a new external system. Go to Integration -> External Systems and create a new system. You could use the existing EXTSYS1 but that end point is set up to be used with XML files. Since we will be using an interface table, we should create a new one. Name the system EXTIMPORT. Set the end point to MXIFACETABLE. Set the queues as follows:”

    I am not able to create a new External System, i tried editing EXTSYS1 so i can do it for xls document but it doesn’t see the IFACEASSET table mentioned above.

    Please advice, thank you.

    1. It should be fixed in the new version but don’t quote me on that. You should double check that to make sure. But it seems like a different issue when you are trying to save when creating a new interface table or an external system and getting that error. I am not sure what is going on there. I would have to look at it to get a better understanding. What is the exact error message? Maybe someone reading this might be able to shed some light.

    1. This error means your framework is working. It just means that the data you are entering is missing some key values like a value for assetnum, for example. I recommend enabling Message Tracking to get a more detailed error message.

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