Maximo 7.1 initial data and import sequence

I found this import sequence extremely useful while importing data for a client and it might be useful to you. It’s just a simple guideline for importing data and the suggested entry mode…

V7.1 module Subapplication Nature of work performed in this
Database Configuration Create new object
GL Component
Configure GL component Manual
Financial GL Components Create GL components Manual
Financial Chart of Accounts Create GL codes Manual
Financial Currency Codes Create currency codes Manual
Administration Item and Company Sets Create item and company sets Manual
Administration Organizations Create organization Manual
Administration Sites Create sites Manual
Administration Calendars Create calendars Manual
Failure dodes Failure codes Create failure codes Manual
Organizations Tax options Assign tax types Manual
Inventory Measure units Define measure units Manual
Inventory Conversion factors for
measure units
Define conversion factors Manual
Domains Valuelists Define ALN, NUM, SYNOMYM value
Organizations Address codes Define addresses Manual
Assets Locations Create systems and locations Import
Purchasing Company master Create companies master records Import
Purchasing Companies Create company records Import
Administration Classifications Define classifications for assets,
Locations, items, etc.
Inventory Item Master setup Create Item Master records Import
Inventory Storerooms Create Storeroom locations Import
Inventory Inventory Assign items to inventory Import
Inventory Tools Create tools Import
Inventory Stocked Tools Assign tools to inventory Import
Assets Meters/Meter Groups Create meters and meter groups Manual
Assets Assets Create assets Import
Assets Condition Monitoring Define condition monitoring points Import
Administration Person groups Define person groups Manual
Administration People Define persons Manual
SCConfig Start Centers Create new Start Center templates
Security Security Groups Create roles Manual
Security Users Create and assign users to security
Administration Crafts Create crafts Manual
Administration Qualifications Create qualifications for labor and
Administration Labor Create labor records Manual
Planning Safety Plans Create safety plans Import
Planning Precautions Create safety plan precautions Manual
Planning Lock out/Tag Out Create safety plan lock out and tag out
Planning Safety Hazards Create safety plan hazards Manual
Planning Job Plans Create job plans Import
Preventive Maintenance Create preventive maintenance

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26 thoughts on “Maximo 7.1 initial data and import sequence

  1. Great blog. I was wondering if there is a way to import the data from an Excel (.xls) file to Maximo 7.1? If so can you tell me where I would find the steps on how to do this?


    1. @ Christy
      There are different ways to import data into Maximo 7.1. You can import via a flat file structure, xml or through interface tables. What I do to import from excel is use the interface tables. You can read more on that here. You would basically create an excel file in the same format as the interface table, then import that data into the interface table. Then setup MIF to import into Maximo.

  2. Hi, I am working on importing labor records into Maximo from an xml file. The xml is customizable as I will be designing the form structure, so is there a way I can find out what format is required for Maximo to import?


  3. Hi chon
    can you tell me how to integrate BOcrystal tool with maximo 7.1 to run crystal reports.

    i am not getting any sequence(in integration only external system is thr)
    how to go.

    thanks in advance.

  4. I, am currently creating start centers for various security groups in Maximo 7. I, have a problem, when setting up resusltsets on the Star Center. I, select a specific resultset query, assign it to the resultset portlet, choose the columns that must be displayed, and save the template. When I lock in with a different user than Maxadmin, example a user that will use the specific start center which I saved under Maxadmin, the resultset portlet as configured under maxadmin displays no content. If I login with Maxadmin again , the resultset portlet displays the original columns with the supporting content. Is this a bug, or may I have configured something incorrectly?

  5. Problem with query usage in Start Centers portlet may occure because you didn’t checked PUBLIC box when create saves query. In that case portlets with nonpublic queries will display supported content only for user who have created and saved the query.
    My advice is to use some database explore tools (i prefer Aqua Data Studio, sorry for commercial)) to create and configure queries. You can connect directly to maximo database. To see all existing queries open table MAXIMO.QUERY. You can change query by modifiing SQL select expression in row CLAUSE. Generaly through database you can make a lot of changes so be careful.

  6. Is there a way to export and import TSRM Workflows to another system in some format?
    As I have a UAT system and I want to copy the Workflows from UAT to Live system in some manner.


  7. Have not tried it before, I will try to explore this option but if you have any documentation/reference for that, kindly share with me.
    Thanks & Regards

  8. let me rephrase that question, when creating my job plans and I want to add alot of detail to a task using the long description is there a way to have that print on my work orders?

  9. Hi Chon,

    I need to create new object and insert data into it.I inserted one row from SQL command prompt.Now i am trying to export data for new object i created. When i click on export data there is no message in weblogic server log saying “wrote data to queue”. Can u pls help me, how to create a new object and insert data into the object.


  10. Do you have the tables that need to be populated when importing assets and locations. There appears to be a lot of related tables that need populating. Also the long description in conjunction with the Asset import.

  11. hi all
    i have use maximo 7.1 import,export file xml,csv in Asset,Inventory…sucessful.But in invoice,i can’t export or import .
    i want to question: have maximo 7.1 support import,export in INVOICE ?
    Please all help me

  12. Hi,
    I’m trying to import asset meters into Maximo but its coming up with a message “Inbound transaction has been processed successfully to queue” Can somebody tell me what is the reason?! I tried to do all of them it didnt work and I tried to do 20 at the time but stil having the same problem? the file is in CSV format and also whenI check message reprocessing it comes with this error “BMXAA5520E – ASSETNUM or WORKORDER null for SITEID 1 is not valid.

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