IBM Maximo 7.5 Preview Site (Updated 4-23-2013)

IBM has released a preview site for Maximo 7.5, but apparently their current link on their support page doesn’t work, but I have got it working. At first glance, they redesigned the whole thing by using the Maximo Everyplace theme. Personally, it will take some getting used to the new theme. You can try out the new Maximo 7.5 and let us know what you guys think.

Maximo 7.5 Preview Site
link: IBM Maximo 7.5
username: maximo
password: demouser

Update: IBM is always changing the password on this site, so you can go to the official IBM support page here to get the latest password…

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13 thoughts on “IBM Maximo 7.5 Preview Site (Updated 4-23-2013)

    1.  The latest version of WebSphere v7 is substantially better than v6. Performance would be on the web application not necessarily a Maximo related issue. They did alter the way the calendar were functioning for dates those were awful.

  1. heyyy the link in which the username and password is not working not even the registration link also not work pls can anyone provide me the username password or atleast the registraion link so that i can use this demo tool because i’m already registerd in ibm but with that username and passworsd it’s not working

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