Actuate report issue after Maximo 6.2.7 upgrade

As some of you may know, IBM is no longer supporting Actuate as of October 2010, so if you are on Maximo 6.2.3 or below and you upgrade to 6.2.7, you will lose the ability to run Actuate reports.  Well, you won’t lose complete functionality but you will lose a lot of features as IBM no longer supports Actuate media.

You may experience functional reporting issues after applying the Maximo 6.2.7 fix pack.

For example, if you are on older fix pack such as 6.0, 6.1, 6.2.1, 6.2.2, or 6.2.3, and you apply the 6.2.7 fix pack you may lose Actuate reporting functionality. The affected functionality could be the ability to Direct Print reports from an application, along with other features.

The is due to the removal of Actuate code in Maximo 6.2 product updates, such as 6.2.7. Additional information on this issue can be found here:

Also note that 6.2 product fix packs are no longer cumulative for reporting defects.

Therefore, we recommend that you carefully review the 6.2.7 fix pack documentation relative to reporting fixes and evaluate the impact to your business prior to applying 6.2.7 or subsequent 6.2 fix packs.

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Withdrawal of updates of Actuate Reporting for Maximo products

So basically what they are saying is, don’t upgrade to Maximo 6.2.7 if you are using Actuate.

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7 thoughts on “Actuate report issue after Maximo 6.2.7 upgrade

  1. This post is not very accurate and I would like to clarify the situation.

    IBM have put in place a “Withdrawal of updates and media fulfillment”.

    They still have a legal obligation to support customers who hold Maximo licenses and are on v6.x.

    The issues you refer to about actuate ‘breaking’ are mainly as people do not dilligently follow the upgrade guides. You must recompile against new actuate libraires as of 6.2.3 and also as of this version the direct print architecture chanegs to use the silent print servlet, as per v7.

    But what complicates this is that IBM have had to temporarily uninstall Actuate off their servers due to some legal issues, so their actual ability to support it is very limited. Not that it was actually any good before.

    We’ve got lots of expeirence butting out nasty actuate issues, all learnt the hard way, on our own 🙂


  2. Hey Chon,

    Yes, I have customers on 6.2.6 and in the middle of 6.2.7 upgrade and actuate is working.

    I’d just suggest sites who don’t have strong actuate upgrade experience consider getting some help.

    I’ll give any updates I can about our current 6.2.7 upgrade, I’m running the first try this arvo 🙂


  3. Hi Guys,

    We patched to 6.2.7 this week and in a nutshell the install does not touch actuate whatsoever.

    Everything functions fine.

    Just keep in mind though, that in 6.2.5 “direct print” was introduced, and there are some considerations when moving from pre 6.2.4 and up.


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