Link directly to workorder in Maximo from external application

We do a lot of custom 3rd party add on modules that all of our clients use and find very useful.  Of course all these add on modules have to integrate tightly with Maximo for it to function properly.  I have already shown how to automatically log in to Maximo and directly open the workorder tracking module by modifying the URL a bit. Well, we can take that another step further and link directly to a workorder.

I will use the same auto login method in the other post, but I will add one more parameter to it.  The parameter is the “uniqueid”.  This parameter is used to query for the unique record in your specified module.  For example, the unique ID column for the workorder tracking module is the “workorderid” column.  This is the value that we will be populating in the URL to open up a specific workorder.  Here is an example:


Notice at the end of the URL is the “uniqueid” value. This isn’t to be confused with the “wonum” value. This workorder number could be “0123” or “MH0123”.

This URL will automatically log you in, open the workorder tracking module and open the specific workorder.

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