Maximo Developer Eclipse plugin

For all you java developers out there that want to extend MBO’s, this Eclipse plugin should help a lot.

What is Maximo Developer?

Maximo Developer is an Eclipse plug-in designated for customization of IBM Maximo Asset Management System. It can help Maximo consultant or developer by automatically doing lot of boring and repetitive tasks.

  • Extending of existing Mbo and field classes
  • Automatic project setup for Maximo
  • Creation of new Mbo and field classes
  • Automatic remote interface creation
  • Remote interface synchronization with Mbo classes
  • Automatic rmic
  • Easy visual browsing
  • Easy detaching and attaching of classes to Mbos and Mbo attributes
  • …and more

Download it today. [Maximo Developer Eclipse Plugin – SourceForge]

Did You Know...

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