Enable Maximo 7 Performance Monitor Tool

Here is a performance tool (PERFMON) that is available for Maximo and later. 

It can be used to aid in troubleshooting performance issues. Maximo Performance Monitor should be run in a test or development environment if the performance issue(s) can be reproduced. If you need to run PERFMON in a production environment, a new maximo.ear should be built with PERFMON enabled and deployed to a new Maximo Application Server. PERFMON is resource intensive and should not be enabled in production UI/CRON/MEA/etc. JVMs.If the production JVM(s) have performance issues and you have enabled PERFMON in the JVM(s), disable PERFMON.

Continue reading to learn how to enable and configure the performance monitor.  [IBM Support]

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8 thoughts on “Enable Maximo 7 Performance Monitor Tool

  1. Hi

    Once this performance monitor has been enabled, how then to you use it. Is it used from within Maximo or from the Websphere console or does it write to the log files?

      1. I have also enabled the performance monitor, but in the Start Center are only 7 available portlets, none of them is a performance monitor. Can you explain where it is exactly to find?

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