Create Work Types in Maximo

This seems like a simple one, but if you are new to Maximo, finding the right place to add new work types can be bit of a pain.

To create new work types, you must go into the Organization module:

  1. Go to the Organizations application and select the organization that you want to create a work type for.
  2. From the “Select Action” menu choose “Work Order Options”.
  3. Select “Work Type”.
  4. Click on “New Row”.
  5. Choose a work order class that you want to associate your work type with (WORKORDER, RELEASE, CHANGE, ACTIVITY etc.).
  6. Give the work type a name and description.
  7. If necessary you can also set the status to denote a task’s start or finish for sequencing purposes with regard to Flow Control at this point.
  8. Save the record.

Easy stuff, once you know where to start. [IBM Support]

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5 thoughts on “Create Work Types in Maximo

  1. One bummer about the work types not being a domain, it looks like there is no way to hide a work type based on a conditional expression. Don’t suppose you know a work around…?

    1. Me too, have a similar requirement- to hide a few work types for new work order creation. The field work type is associated to field level class and not a domain.Please share ideas.

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