Check license number in Maximo 7

In previous Maximo versions, such as Maximo 6, you used to be able to check the license number by clicking on Help -> About Maximo. Now, in Maximo 7, if you click on Help -> System Information, the “License #” field is now blank.  Anyone know how to find this license key value somewhere?

There is an ‘mxe.UserLicenseKey’ property in the file and in the database, but mine is NULL when I installed Maximo 7.  Anyone else has a NULL value?

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6 thoughts on “Check license number in Maximo 7

    1. Thanks guys… so does this mean that each version of Maximo 7 installed doesn’t have a license key unless we manually enter it in the file? How does IBM keep track of this? I can’t imagine it being hard coded in the install files. How would IBM track licensed users if they don’t have the license key value?

  1. i got the following error while installing maximo base services version 7 in windows

    CTGIN2407E : An Error was encountered processing the license agreement,installer cannot continue


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