Schedule and email BIRT reports

Suppose your company wants to be able to get a weekly report on inventory cost for the month.  First, you need to have a customized report to run, which we can provide for you with our professional services, or you can use one of the many built in reports.  Then scheduling the report to run and emailed to managers is a snap in Maximo 7.

You need to set the ‘’ attribute in System Properties.  If you are logged in as ‘maxadmin’, then you need to make sure that you set your primary email by going into Profile -> Default Information.  Now to and run a report in any application you’d like.  When you select the report, a dialog opens for you to enter your parameter values.  Fill in the required fields and schedule the report to run on the first Sunday of every month at 4 AM.  Yeah it’s very specific, but this way the report doesn’t run during peak operating hours, which could affect performance.  Now type in the emails of the people you wish to send the report to separated by a comma (,).  Click on submit and this report is now scheduled to run with the values you specified for the parameters.

If you get an error as such:

BMXAA5502E – No e-mail address was found for the report owners user id. Configure an e-mail address for the report owners user id.

Then that means that you forgot to set your default primary email. It could also be because the user record doesn’t match the person record.

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9 thoughts on “Schedule and email BIRT reports

  1. Wertzee, setup an escalation to look for certain paramenters and then you can have a notification be sent.  You would need to create a communication template to do this and can setup specific individuals to have on the email as well.  I’ve done this with a lot of different things and this is something that I’ve found particularly useful for certain shops that do not check their work orders regularly because they come in so infrequently.

  2. I cannot get this to work for my users. They can not send schedule reports via e-mail at all, only maxadmin with the system’s e-mail configured in mail.smtp.user can send e-mails. Anybody know how to fix this? Thanks

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