Modifying BIRT master report library

This document explains in detail how to modify the master report library for BIRT.  It focuses on page size, page orientation and page area.  By default, all the out of the box (OOB) reports are in landscape.  Personally, I don’t like it in landscape and most of our clients prefer their reports in portrait.  But I can see why IBM did that because you can fit more information horizontally.  If you want to change all of your reports to be in portrait mode, you will have to modify the master report library.  Of course you will also have to modify each report so that the information will fit in portrait mode, which would be very time consuming and may not be worth the effort.  But you could always hire us to do it for you.  😉

This document also focuses on viewing the report in PDF for saving and printing.  It explains how those three components impact PDF rendering.  Here is the link to the V7 BIRT Reports.  You should also read the V7 Report Development Guide for all you developers.

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One thought on “Modifying BIRT master report library

  1. Hi,
    Can any body tell me
    Create a masterpage in a BIRT library and then have all of your reports use that masterpage. We used to do…

    1. In the Resource Explorer pane expand Shared Resources -> your newly created library -> MasterPagesRight click on your masterpage -> Add to Report6. Deletes the old masterpage in the report

    But in this when i am trying to Add to Report link it shows disable.
    Can you please tell me why and how to solve this issue?????

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