Known Issues with Printing BIRT Reports using Maximo v7

There are two known issues which have been identified with printing BIRT reports:

  • Issue# 08-21515: 7.1.1 Direct print issue (Serious issue in production). After first user logs out functionality does not work for all users in Maximo 7.1.1 (Reproduced in house
    -Login as User1 (for example, Wilson)
    -Direct print a report (works fine but keep session open)
    -From another Machine, login as User2 (for example, MAXADMIN)
    -Direct Print a report with this user (works fine as well but keep session open again)
    -Logout from the Wilson Session
    -Try to direct Print report as MAXADMIN, no longer works…doesnt work for ANY users from this point
    -Requires a restart of the appserver for functionality to come back
    -If you logged out of User2 the functionality does not break so it is something to do with the first user logging out ERROR in Sun Java Console:com.activetree.pdfprint.exception.AtPdfException at com.activetree.pdfprint.AtPdfStreamPrinter.print(Unknown Source) at tPrintJob( at at Source) at Source) Caused by: com.activetree.pdfprint.exception.AtPdfException:Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: http://servername:port/maximo/servlet/SilentPrintServlet?doaction=11&appname=WOTRACK&reportfile=woprint.rptdesign&rpt param=RPT-12211678350311221167871015&rptType=PDF&uisessionid=122 1167835031 at com.activetree.pdfprint.AtPdfStreamPrinter.a(Unknown Source) … 5 moreA Hotfix is available for this issue.
  • Issue# 08-20514: DIRECT PRINT NOT WORKING BIRT Maximo v7.Steps to reproduce the problem:
    -Go to the Workorder Tracking application, open an existing work order (to simplify things, the work order has no attachments).
    -From the toolbar, click on the Direct Print button (second from the right, the one that displays “Direct Print: Work Order Details” when you hover over it).
    -On the client, you notice that the browser starts the Java applet (the Java logo shows up in the Windows task bar)
    -After a couple of seconds, the following error message dialog appears “Your immediate print request cannot be processed at this time. Please contact your system administrator for additional details.”Seems to be related to certain clients having JRE 1.6 and once any client computer with 1.6 tries to run a report, the report server gets frozen for all reporting. A reboot of the reports server and all is well, as long as reports only attempted from clients with the supported version of JRE (1.5).This defect is corrected in Maximo

Provided by IBM. [IBM Support]

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7 thoughts on “Known Issues with Printing BIRT Reports using Maximo v7

  1. Has someone seen this before ? My users ( in Configuration Security Groups ) cannot run BIRT reports on

    Authorised CI details
    CI Attribute History
    CI Relationship History
    Actual CI details
    Actual CI history
    CI template .

    Could someone suggest me tips as to where I should start my RCA from ?

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