Configuring BIRT Designer 2.3.2 with Maximo v7.1.1.5

Maximo now uses BIRT 2.3.2, so to start developing reports for this version, you will need to install and configure the new BIRT Designer.  You can begin by reading this BIRT Report Designer 2.3.2 configuration guide for base services or any future release.  You will have to download a few items prior to any configuration such as JDK 1.5, BIRT 2.3.2 all-in-one package, and of course BIRT Designer 2.3.2.  I have provided the links here so you don’t have to snoop around for them.

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4 thoughts on “Configuring BIRT Designer 2.3.2 with Maximo v7.1.1.5

  1. I was able to configured the designer with your guidance. Thanks mucho. But when previewing to test the reports, I got the following errors (but the report was able to run and display the rows successfully):

    1.)The library with the namespace “MaximoSystemLibrary” is not found.

    2.)The parent element “MaximoSystemLibrary.maximoDataSource” does not exist.


    Any help would be much appreciated,


  2. I am also having the same issue. When I attempt to open a report(asset.rtpdesign), I get 48 errors. Eclipse is not recognizing maximoDataSource. I followed the sets in the configuration guide.

    Any assistance in troubleshooting database connectivity issues would be greatly appreciated.



  3. I was struggling with this error for couple of hours and …. It is all about correct directory path separators.

    Sounds bit crazy but in my case c:/IBM/SMP/ did not work but c:IBMSMP worked….
    Remember to refresh Eclipse project.


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