BIRT tutorials and resources

These tutorials and resources are great for those of you who are just starting out with the development of BIRT reports.

These tutorials and videos should help you along the way, from making your first data set to testing your report. []

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3 thoughts on “BIRT tutorials and resources

  1. I recently saw BIRT demonstrated at an IBM Maximo user group meeting and thought it looked a lot easier than the old Actuate product. So I decided to take a look for myself. Since then I have written an overview of my experiences and a detailed installation guide from a new end user perspective. It’s available on my web site if anyone would like to go grab a copy.

  2. Hi chon,

    i want to apply access limitation to user while running report.

    suppose the user is from mumbai site so he should able to access only mumbai site data and not other site’s.i checked in user group also

    what shuld i do for that.

    and how to customize start center means i want to disable Reports link for particular user but it should be accessible to admin.

    i saw library.xml file but if i make changes in it ,it will b apply on all user, right?

    1. You can limit user access to a specific report in Maximo, but I don’t think you can limit them while running a report. Unless you get the user running the report in BIRT and then writing your own logic based on the users login name.

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