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Author: Richard Taggs

2 Mar 2012 4:06 PM

Welcome to the 21st century of business performance management, of creating and working in a performance committed culture, of being a strategy-focused organization (SFO), and becoming part of a managerial world where strategy, processes, people, and technology – and budgets – are on target, aligned and capable of responding to changed conditions.

MAXIMO, the world’s premier Enterprise Applications Management (EAM), has provided the solid foundations from which Maximo managers have built their visionary, mission-oriented future; yet, the lessons learned while working with the world’s number one CMMS are not limited to MAXIMO managers and apply to all with a curious mind.

MAXIMO provides the framework, the solid beginnings that over the years have taken many managers on a learning journey that has further opened their minds to the importance of organizational vision and the alignment required to attain that vision, to the importance of integrating planning and resource allocation, and to the understanding that moving from performance measurement to performance improvement provides the knowledge necessary for positive management effectiveness.

If this blog has a philosophical approach to the ideas that will be presented each month, it is based on the belief that quality management and motivated, informed employees still matter, and that strategy must be communicated throughout the organization, thus aligning operations with goals and objectives. Finally, that there is a process in place to measure how successfully goals have been reached.
We further believe that what will be covered in this blog will surely benefit you,  the same as it has benefited many of MAXIMO’s best-in-class, strategy focused customers over the years, which include some of the world’s largest and most efficiently operated organizations in government, oil and gas, manufacturing, rail and transportation, utilities and many other verticals vital to any industrialized, culturally advanced, intellectually vibrant society.

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  1. That is a good idea to apply these fields for management: strategy, processes, people, and technology and budgets. Actually, each kind of business will have different type of management. MAXIMO has good framework for its management.

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