Transforming Your Organization with Mobile Mapping: Q&A

We recently hosted a webinar, Transforming Your Organization with Mobile Mapping. Sam Yang, Software Solutions Lead Engineer, walked us through a demo of EZMaxMobile’s enhanced mapping functionality and the benefits of our tool. If you are interested in receiving a video recording of the webinar, please feel free to email us.

We had a lot of great questions submitted by attendees. While we did not have time to answer every single question, we have compiled them along with the corresponding answer.

1. Can ESRI mapping be done inside a building?

ESRI Mapping is reliant on communication with the ArcGIS servers for displaying the various layers.  Displaying of this data is available in both an online and offline mode, meaning that it will be functional while indoors.  However, ESRI does not provide any mechanisms for differentiating between various floors of a building at this point in time.

2. Can asset GPS coordinates be updated or gathered using the mapping function?

Yes, Maximo Asset coordinates can be entered for newly created assets or updated for existing assets from the map view.

3. Does this solution work only with ESRI maps – Google Maps?

The mapping functionality shown today is only available with an integration to ESRI maps at this point in time.  However, mapping is available without your own ESRI map server, as Maximo data can be displayed on a publicly available ESRI basemap.

4. Does map download compress the ESRI map file? 

Yes, the offline mapping configuration tool compresses the map files in preparation for them to be delivered to the device.  The device then handles these compressed files to display the map layers in offline mode.

5. Can you scan QR codes in EZMaxMobile to find work orders that are active at a location?

EZMaxMobile supports the same barcode and QR code scanning on any number of configurable fields such as work orders, assets, locations, etc., that are available in the rest of the application.

6. What server are you communicating with to get mapping data, ESRI or Maximo?

It depends which data you are looking to view on the map in EZMaxMobile. For your Maximo data such as work orders, and assets, we are communicating directly with Maximo. For any of the feature layers coming over from ArcGIS or ESRI, we are communicating from the mobile device directly to those ESRI servers.

7. Does mapping in EZMaxMobile require Maximo Spatial?

No, EZMaxMobile does not require Maximo Spatial. EZMaxMobile communicates directly with Maximo to load in all of your data points, whether that be work orders, assets, service requests, and more. There is no dependency on Maximo Spatial for those data points to show up on the map.

8. What mapping functionality is available in offline mode?

Everything that we demonstrated in the webinar, while we did so in a connected state, is also available in offline mode.

9. How does downloading data for mapping offline work?

Preparing the data for download is handled largely through a separate configuration tool that would be hosted on your server. On our end, we create bundles of your basemap and various feature layers and prepare those as packages that are then selectable for your users to download in offline mode. That data is actually synced and downloaded separately from your typical offline mode usage for EZMaxMobile. You won’t see that impact your regular sync performance; this is a separate process for users to download those map packages.

If you have any further questions about EZMaxMobile or our enhanced mapping functionality, please feel free to email us or give us a call at 781.213.1166.

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