InterPro Solutions’ Mobile Synchronization Method

InterPro developed a new sync method for mobile devices in 2016 that is patent approved. The method, titled the Offline Mobile Data Storage System and Method, allows for quick and efficient transfers of large amounts of data to mobile devices from enterprise asset management software.

InterPro found the need for this method after finding that current sync processes require workers to sync for hours at a time, even overnight. This interrupts their workday and makes it difficult for technicians to work in a disconnected mode. With this new process, data is ready for technicians to use on mobile devices on the go. There is no need for technicians to prep their devices the night before they need to go offline.

The Offline Mobile Data Storage System and Method works best through an EAM management server running EAM management software, such as IBM ® Maximo®. The transfer is done through an intermediary server which allows the data to be downloaded and accessed on a mobile device. This method allows for downloaded data to be accessed by mobile users in an offline (disconnected) or online (connected).

To improve the efficiency associated with downloading large amounts of data under the constraints of byte size, server and user device storage constraints, our team worked to improve both data download speeds and take into account the storage limitations of present-day mobile devices. In other words, the data had to be downloaded faster and the data size had to be smaller.

This invention accomplishes both goals of downloading the data faster and taking up less space on the mobile device. It does so by offloading the processing requirements of the mobile device to the intermediary server. This way, the data being downloaded on a mobile device is interpreted by the external intermediary server, instead of being interpreted on the mobile device.

This method streamlines the transfer of data between the mobile device and the primary server given the enhanced processing capabilities of the intermediary server as compared with the limited processing capabilities of the mobile device.

InterPro sought a way to keep data downloads as simple as possible while still effectively downloading large amounts of data.

This sync process can perform downloads of 50,000 records in 30 seconds, 250,000 records in 1 minute, and 1 million records in 3 minutes.

Some of our clients who sync large amounts of data have been able to use this method with ease. Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority previously had to sync their 600,000 records overnight in order to use their data. Similarly, Port of Seattle now syncs 500,000 records in 1 minute. With the Offline Mobile Data Storage System and Method our clients are now able to spend less time waiting for downloads to complete and more time working in the field.

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