Troubleshoot Maximo BIRT Report Performance

Recently have was tasked to troubleshoot a custom BIRT report performance issue for a client for Maximo 7.1  The problem was that the report, which normally ran fine, was now taking over 30 minutes to run and eventually never ran at all, which then … Read More

Advanced Date SQL Queries in Maximo

Date queries in general can be difficult to handle in SQL.  Not only do you have to think about the syntax for both SQL Server and Oracle but to do "simple" queries like "get all approved work orders this week" isn't that easy.  Hopefully these will … Read More

Delete a custom Maximo application

This tip on  how to delete a Maximo application from Bruno is a a lifesaver and perfect timing because I was wondering how to this exact thing the other day. … Read More

Understanding and creating KPI’s for your Start Center

The ultimate goal of using start centers is to utilize the power of KPI's and result sets for quick access to some important information. This information can be useful to your users for quick access to things but it can also affect performance … Read More

Change or modify the Go To menu application positions

We can already add custom modules to main Go To dropdown menu, but here are two tutorials from IBM on how to re-position the menu items with detailed instructions on updating the backend database to achieve what you want. Changing Application … Read More

Maximo SQL Injection

This is an interesting property that applies to Maximo 7.1 This is when users manipulate data entry fields to execute malicious SQL statements. Maximo dynamically prepares SQL statements so in almost every attribute this is not an issue. There are a … Read More

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