IBM Maximo REST Client Java API

A user by the name of YajinZheng has posted a full Maximo REST API for Java!  This is some great stuff, plus you can also download it from the Maven repo The Maximo REST client library provides a set of driver API's which can be consumed by a JAVA … Read More

Initiate Workflow through Maximo REST API

Bruno has a great post about the many different ways to initiate a workflow and one of the examples is using the REST API. If you aren't too familiar with HTTP requests then his example might not be clear enough. So here is how you can get it to … Read More

Add Work Log to SR through Maximo REST API

Here is a common issue regarding how to add a work log to an SR record through the Maximo REST API. One of the biggest issue or error message is this: Error 400: commlog#ownerNull which is also noted here in our forum. This error comes from using … Read More

Retrieving and Posting data to Maximo REST Web Services

Maximo has always had web services that are available for use was limited to XML but now recently in Maximo 7.5, IBM has expanded it's capabilities to work with JSON data. What is JSON? Just like XML, it is a universal human readable format that … Read More

Create a work order and add labor hours with Maximo REST

You can already create a new work order with REST but it's useless if you can't add labor hours to it right? This tutorial will show you how to setup the MXWO object structure to be able to add LABTRANS records at the same time you create a work … Read More

Creating a work order with Maximo’s REST API framework

In a previous tutorial, querying data use the REST API framework is fairly straight forward and much easier to use than WSDL web services. Now the question is, how do we update or create new records using this API? This tutorial will show you how to … Read More

Query data with the Maximo REST API

The Maximo REST API is something really cool and really useful. I have spent a little time playing with it and it's much easier to use than the MIF web services and SOAP. Although the integration framework is still useful in terms of importing data … Read More

Exclusive Look: Maximo REST web service API

Here is an exclusive look at what I've found within Maximo's integration framework. You won't find this anywhere else on the web as this stuff is not documented by IBM for Maximo. The REST API can be found in Maximo versions and up … Read More