Import data with Maximo Integration Framework (MIF)

The new Maximo Integration Framework, formerly known as Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA), makes it easy to import data. I will show you how you can import data into Maximo from an interface table. First, if you would like email notifications on … Read More

Initiate Workflow through Maximo REST API

Bruno has a great post about the many different ways to initiate a workflow and one of the examples is using the REST API. If you aren't too familiar with HTTP requests then his example might not be clear enough. So here is how you can get it to … Read More

Add Work Log to SR through Maximo REST API

Here is a common issue regarding how to add a work log to an SR record through the Maximo REST API. One of the biggest issue or error message is this: Error 400: commlog#ownerNull which is also noted here in our forum. This error comes from using … Read More

Restrict OBJECTS with Global Data Restrictions

In some cases, there are restrictions that organizations want to apply throughout the entire Maximo application server and there are a few ways to do this like applying a restriction to the 'EVERYONE' group, but a better way is to create a Global … Read More

Create a View for Work Order e-Audit Data

Maximo gives administrators the ability to record and audit changes to record and keep copies of the changes, thus producing an audit trail.  But there isn't an easy way to view the data.  Once you setup the audit table, you have to directly query … Read More

Highlight Work Log Tab When a Work Order Has Work Logs

Sometimes it nice to quickly and visually get feedback on information when looking at a work order detail.  There can be so many fields and tabs on a work order detail screen that it would be nice to know if the record has any work logs, or any other … Read More

Hide Change Status Values from Work Order Tracking

In some use cases, some organizations want to remove certain statuses from the 'change status' dialog in the Work Order Tracking application.  So the question is, how can this be done?  In this scenario, we are going to remove the APPR status from … Read More

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