Improve Maximo’s doclinks performance

Maximo can have performance issues at times so any tip to improve it in any way is always helpful. Bruno has shared his quick tip on how to improve doclinks by modifying a little bit of SQL.  This tip can be applied anywhere so be sure to check it … Read More

Troubleshoot Maximo BIRT Report Performance

Recently have was tasked to troubleshoot a custom BIRT report performance issue for a client for Maximo 7.1  The problem was that the report, which normally ran fine, was now taking over 30 minutes to run and eventually never ran at all, which then … Read More

Enable Performance Monitor for Maximo TPAE

The Performance Monitor (PERFMON) or Maximo Activity Dashboard (MAD) enables you to see performance bottlenecks.  This feature is only available in Maximo and above.  If you have Maximo 7.1 you can go here or if you have Maximo 7.5 you can go … Read More

WebCast: Maximo Performance Best Practices

Audience: All Level Support, Services, GTS, Business Partners, Customers This STE will cover: - Discussion of Maximo Performance Best Practices Date: September 13, 2012 10:00 am Eastern US Time Presented by: Darlene Nerden and Jonathan … Read More

Performance Analyst 1.0.0 Released

Performance Analyst is a tool aimed to make performance analysis manageable. Performance analysis is all about data, I mean, large amount of data. Sometime there might be days of application logs and performance data for us to sort out the reason … Read More

Maintaining your Maximo system

We all know the reason for any company to purchase an EAM product like Maximo.  It's because they want to be able to maintain their assets and keep them in top physical shape.  You create PM programs for your assets so they staying running extended … Read More

Working with the Performance Monitoring tool in Maximo 7

I have already shown how to enable the performance monitoring tool in Maximo 7 but working with it is a different story.  Here is how to view the statistics of the performance monitoring tool. Open up the Maximo application in a web browser and … Read More

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