IBM Maximo REST Client Java API

A user by the name of YajinZheng has posted a full Maximo REST API for Java!  This is some great stuff, plus you can also download it from the Maven repo The Maximo REST client library provides a set of driver API's which can be consumed by a JAVA … Read More

Maximo Links of Interests 5-15-2014

Email Use Email Interaction Setup to Change Status Automation Scripts Sending Email From Maximo using Automation/Rhino Script Maximo 7.5 - Use button with Automation Script Maximo LDAP Setup Maximo and LDAP - Configuration … Read More

IBM Offering Information

I just found this cool site, have you ever wanted to know what are all the software packages that IBM is offering?  Look no further, click here.... … Read More

Maximo Links of Interest 3-12-2014

IBM Pulse Videos: General Session: Cloud as a Growth Engine for Business- Day 1 General Session: Think It. Build It. Tap into It - Day 2 General Session: … Read More

IBM Maximo Fix Pack Now Available

On September 13, 2013, IBM Software released the fix pack for Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset Management Essentials Download Description This product update corresponds to fixes for Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset … Read More

New IBM Education Assistant Content 5-28-2013

IBM Education Assistant Content Routing a Workflow Process through an Escalation (PDF) Routing a Workflow Process through an Escalation (Flash with audio) Configure Maximo to populate ownergroup field for service requests (PDF) … Read More

2 Ways To Find All Maximo Customizations

When working with a new client's Maximo system, the first thing you want to do is to find out all the customizations that have been done to the system.  Here are two ways to do just that, one is a SQL query and the other is a tool provided by … Read More

Maximo Links of Interests: 5-9-2013

IBM Maximo Creating New Work Groups Setting up Data Restrictions in Security Groups KPI For PO's in WAPPR Status KPI For Completed Work Orders Log Zipper View Maximo Queue Data from UI Maximo Integration Framework Maximo … Read More

Improve Maximo’s doclinks performance

Maximo can have performance issues at times so any tip to improve it in any way is always helpful. Bruno has shared his quick tip on how to improve doclinks by modifying a little bit of SQL.  This tip can be applied anywhere so be sure to check it … Read More

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