Create a non-persistent field with an automation script

When you create a non-persistent field in Maximo, normally you would create a custom java class behind that field.  But with automation scripts, you can create an NP field and populate it with data when you initialize it.  In this example, we will … Read More

Automation Script Template

How many times have you written an automation script and just can't figure out how to import classes using jython?  I'm no jython expert, but I can't count how many times I've googled how to format strings or concat a string and number to print to … Read More

Force GL Account to Uppercase

When you manually type in a value for the GL Account in Maximo, if you use alphanumeric characters, those don't automatically change to uppercase for you.  A user could also mix and match upper and lower case characters as well as numbers.  This can … Read More

A Collection of Maximo Automation Script Examples

Saving time with automation scripts Enable additional events, such as initialize and retrieve list, for attribute launch points Enable additional events, such as allow object creation and allow object deletion, for object launch points … Read More

Maximo Links of Interests 5-15-2014

Email Use Email Interaction Setup to Change Status Automation Scripts Sending Email From Maximo using Automation/Rhino Script Maximo 7.5 - Use button with Automation Script Maximo LDAP Setup Maximo and LDAP - Configuration … Read More

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