Create a Custom Maximo UI Control

I just found this blog post and found it very interesting.  You can expand this to create any control you need. Creating your own UI Control using Dojo … Read More

Add labels to application tool bar buttons

By default, the tool bar buttons within any application are just plain icons, like the run report or route workflow icon buttons. You can change this to add labels to be more clear of what the buttons are for. Go to Application Designer and export … Read More

Maximo 7.6: Editing Hover Dialogs

Question How can you add/delete attributes in the Hover Dialog in Maximo 7.6? Answer Hover dialogs are a new feature in Maximo 7.6, but one issue is that you have to be comfortable with modifying XML files to get them to work.  No application … Read More

Alter attribute LABEL dynamically

Under WOTRACK, and making use of REMDUR field (repurposed to capture DOWNTIME hours directly on the work order record).... Assumptions: (1) There is a PRIORITIZATION scheme that says PRIORITY 1 & 3 are assets that have experienced downtime; … Read More

Create a View for Work Order e-Audit Data

Maximo gives administrators the ability to record and audit changes to record and keep copies of the changes, thus producing an audit trail.  But there isn't an easy way to view the data.  Once you setup the audit table, you have to directly query … Read More

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