Achieve ROI with EZMaxMobile [Infographic]

After switching to a mobile solution from a paper-based process, we’ve seen companies achieve a significant return on investment (ROI). This is due to several positive factors associated with implementing a mobile solution for Maximo, specifically … Read More

Maximo Mobile with Single Sign-On using Kerberos/SPNEGO

Secure access to IBM Maximo with EZMaxMobile using Kerberos / SPNEGO and secure single sign-on (SSO) on a mobile device. Log into your IBM Maximo mobile enterprise application securely without ever having to remember passwords on both your computer … Read More

Import data with Maximo Integration Framework (MIF)

The new Maximo Integration Framework, formerly known as Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA), makes it easy to import data. I will show you how you can import data into Maximo from an interface table. First, if you would like email notifications on … Read More

Maximo 7.6.1 Preview Site

IBM just released Maximo 7.6.1 with a new user interface and updated features. Check out how Work Centers work for technicians, supervisors, business analysts, inspectors, inspection supervisors, and inventory. View the site here. … Read More

Maximo Work Inspections

On December 1st, IBM release Maximo and with it comes with update to the new Work Centers.  Click Here to see what's new with Maximo  Or you can watch this YouTube video which gives a great overview of the Inspections. To learn … Read More

Create a Custom Maximo UI Control

I just found this blog post and found it very interesting.  You can expand this to create any control you need. Creating your own UI Control using Dojo … Read More

Create a non-persistent field with an automation script

When you create a non-persistent field in Maximo, normally you would create a custom java class behind that field.  But with automation scripts, you can create an NP field and populate it with data when you initialize it.  In this example, we will … Read More

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