Getting The Power To The Pavement [Field Technologies]

Why EAM selections need to prioritize Mobility

“Our workforce has always been mobile, it’s our work management system that’s been stationary.”

That keen observation was offered by a seasoned facilities executive exploring the mobile EAM (enterprise asset management) landscape almost a decade ago.  The thought remains relevant for any organization looking to optimize efficiency and raise effectiveness of their operations workforce.

Today, the top tier EAM systems are all really good, and they do a lot of things similarly well.  Most feature comprehensive functionality and wide integration possibilities … and perhaps most importantly, they are all designed for desktop use.

But the real leverage in operations comes from mobility, rather than the conventional power of the desktop. More and more, organizations are recognizing that horsepower of the engine doesn’t much matter if you can’t get that power to the pavement! Unlocking the true potential of your EAM requires a fully realized mobile solution.

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Did You Know...

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