Our products and services empower Maximo users to be more effective and successful at their jobs.

Simplify processes, save time and money, and increase satisfaction on the front lines of work and throughout your organization.

Why InterPro?

As a company, we’re structured to respond quickly with no bureaucracy to slow things down. You’ll work directly with people who have a deep understanding of both Maximo and the requirements of your industry.

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4 Steps to Transition Your Workforce from Paper to Mobile [eBook]

If you are an operations leader who supports the idea of a mobile solution, but is unsure how to overcome the challenges of an aging workforce, this eBook is for you.

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Our Products

We’ve designed EZMaxMobile around the way people actually work. That means that even the least technical member of your team will become a Maximo expert.

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Gain greater control of every job and full visibility of your progress and results.

Success Stories

Our clients are leaders in higher education, healthcare, facility services, manufacturing, energy, government, transportation, and other sectors. Learn more about how InterPro products and services have helped them transform their organizations.

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Maximo Times

The go-to resource for all things Maximo. Keep up to date on technical issues facing Maximo users and administrators.

September 10, 2020
Employee Highlight: Kyungjin Jenny Koh
August 21, 2020
EZMaxMobile Through the Years: Part III
August 17, 2020
Achieve ROI with EZMaxMobile [Infographic]
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