Key Features

EZMaxMobile is the only fully functional Maximo mobile solution that can be installed out of the box in just 30 minutes. Because all of our functionality is located within one application, there’s no need for multiple apps for different functions or processes.

Any Apple, Android, or Windows mobile device can interact with Maximo in both real-time (connected) as well as offline (disconnected) modes. When a user’s connection is lost, EZMaxMobile will seamlessly transition from real-time to offline mode so all your work and data is preserved.

With EZMaxMobile, you can empower your team while still following all of your Maximo business rules and workflows. Generate and manage work orders, inventories, and purchasing- related transactions without creating a mountain of unnecessary paperwork.

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Here are some of the specific features that will help you save time and money and increase job satisfaction throughout your organization:

  • Photos


    Increase your team’s efficiency by visually communicating issues. A photo taken on a mobile device can be automatically uploaded into Maximo’s linked documents and directly associated with a work order, asset, locations, or inventory item as an attachment. Technicians can also annotate photos to include critical information and provide greater clarity.

  • Signature


    Create an electronic signature in Maximo? It’s not supposed to be possible without third party software and Maximo’s Attached Documents, but when a client challenged us to overcome these limitations we went to work. By creating an image with a mobile device and using the storage and retrieval capabilities of Maximo, we figured it out. Now this electronic signature feature developed for one client is built right into EZMaxMobile.

  • Mapping


    With EZMaxMobile’s ability to easily capture GPS data, you can record longitude and latitude coordinates for a work order, asset, or location and automatically store the associated GPS data in your Maximo system. Then view these attributes using EZMaxMobile’s “work map” functionality.

  • Barcode Scanning

    Barcode Scanning

    Gain quick access to records in Maximo such as work orders, assets, locations, and inventory items. You can use mobile-device cameras or external Bluetooth enabled barcode scanners for increased flexibility.

  • Inspection Forms

    EZMaxMobile works with Maximo Inspection Forms allowing users to perform inspections from their mobile device. Available online and offline, inspection results are auto-generated and actionable; share results using reports or turn selected inspection points into work orders.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Instant in-app communication has never been easier. Send automated notifications, or speak directly to technicians about critical work order questions.

  • Data Sync

    Data Sync

    Unprecedented sync speed means you’ll spend less time waiting and more time working. EZMaxMobile's technology creates the fastest record retrieval in the industry, with the ability to sync over 1 million records in less than three minutes.

  • Localized


    EZMaxMobile facilitates true global asset management, including all locales and languages supported by Maximo.

  • Voice to Text

    Voice to Text

    Have you ever had a long work note to write, but dreaded using the mobile device’s tiny virtual keypad? With voice to text functionality, simply speak directly into a mobile device.

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